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Work and Music

There’s nothing that helps you change gears after a work day faster than playing some music.

If the day has been a tough one, music can console you.  If it’s been a good day, music can help you celebrate.  Sitting down at the keyboard for an hour or blowing a horn helps those built-up emotions and stresses get vented, and lets me face the rest of my life with more good cheer and calmness. Continue reading


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Musicians Wanted!

For many, it’s time to get back to the instruments for the fall rehearsal and concert season.  Here’s a couple of options if you are looking for a place where you can dust off your instruments: Continue reading

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Leonard Slatkin and the Met

Leonard Slatkin Headshot

Leonard Slatkin

For the past week, I’m hearing from a lot of people  about Leonard Slatkin “bombing out” at the Metropolitan Opera.  Slatkin withdrew from the Met after only one performance of La Traviata. According to his blog, it was a miserable experience from the start.

If you’ve missed this moment of high drama in the classical music world, here are a couple of places to get caught up. Continue reading

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Feedback from a Reader

If you haven’t read all the comments on this blog, then meet Howard, a midlife tenor sax player.    He’s been commenting recently, and  I thought his story was worth sharing.    Way to go Howard!

Howard said 1 month ago:

am interested in your husband’s journey with the saxophone. Two years ago, at age 54, I picked up a tenor and started taking lessons. Continue reading

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New Inspiration, New Directions

A new year has begun, and so has a new season of music.  Continue reading

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Another Reason for Stopping …

After my last post, someone I know read it and said, “I don’t play any more, because I’m afraid of annoying the neighbors.  I live in an apartment.”

My first thought was, “I’ve been there.  Know exactly what you mean.”

But then I thought, it’s a trap.   Continue reading

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