Let me know if you have ideas about how to expand this blog into a useful tool for YOU!   Send an e-mail to me at MidlifeMusicians@gmail.com.



By day, a professional broadcast journalist and manager.   At the age of 53, I rediscovered how important music is in my life.   My early training was on the violin, but now I’m and avid piano student.   Music has helped renew my creativity and expand my horizons and is a very important part of my life.

This blog was established to help share my experiences and to provide a place where amateur musicians of a certain age can find each other and connect.

I’m based in the Detroit area, but am interested in hearing from midlife musicians everywhere.


2 responses to “About

  1. Georgeann: great blog, looked thru briefly and really liked it. Good job

  2. Georgeann, great site and great idea. I think amateur musicians of all ages are the fuel which will feed the future of classical music. The best way to connect with music is to play it. If you play it, you can then understand what someone else is doing in a performance, and you can relate to it.

    Although I’m still a pro clarinetist, I too have rediscovered how valuable music is to me at age 50. Here’s to second childhoods!!

    David Thomas

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