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Georgeann is Senior Vice President of Content and Community Engagement at Detroit Public Television, after a 20-year career at CBS Radio and operating her own business as a media content consultant.   You can reach her through the following e-mail address:



3 responses to “Contact Georgeann

  1. Bruce Relyea

    Does MidlifeMusicians have as rich a collection of midi files as they do of scores?

  2. Deborah Edge

    Georgeann— Just read your comments about the BSO- wonderful and thoughtful — and bring back good memories. Again, I really enjoyed playing with you and socializing with you, and with Judy, Mike, etc. What a great group. I look forward to next year.
    Meanwhile, I have been fortunate enough to be able to meet with 2 different chamber groups since coming home and play the Trout, the Dvorak, and also the 1st movement of a Vaughan Williams piano quintet! I feel very lucky to live in the DC area and to have gotten to know so many musicians that I get asked to do this!!
    Enjoy the rest of your summer. Deborah

  3. Judy u

    Is there more BSO coming? Did you add the tv connection and when will the NYTimes article come out? Judy U

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