It’s Music Season!

It’s back to school – and the season for most local community groups to resume rehearsals for the season. Many are looking for players, and it’s the perfect place for a midlife musician who has some experience to hone their skills.

After a number of years looking, I finally stumbled across a community orchestra where I can play my violin in a group setting again. The Orchard Lake Philharmonic Society practices at the Orchard Ridge Campus of Oakland Community College on Tuesday nights. They are still looking for musicians, especially ‘cello players. They’re also launching a new Jazz Orchestra – which will rehearse on Thursday’s – and they are looking for wind and brass players of all kinds for this group.

There are a number of other groups that play in Southeast Michigan who accept musicians without auditions. In the near future, I hope to compile a list under “Opportunities to Play” on this site. If you know of a group that’s open to amateurs, please drop me a line. I’d be happy to add contact information to the list.


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