Life is a Kazoo!

While on vacation in Hilton Head, SC  (escaping a major snowstorm in Detroit!), Chuck and I went looking for a music store — and in the process — stumbled onto a Kazoo factory.

Kazoobie Kazoos LogoKazoobie Kazoos is in a small industrial building in Beaufort, SC, where they recently relocated from Florida.   The company has four employees and makes all kinds of kazoos.

You remember kazoos.   Those pipe-like instruments we all had as kids – hummed into — and created music!    (Chuck has fond memories of playing “Hail to the Chief” on kazoo for President Richard Nixon!)

The “factory outlet” isn’t really set up for retail yet, but the young woman who greeted us very patiently allowed us to browse and discussed the different tonal qualities of each of the kazoos on display.

Rick Hubbard of Kazoobie Kazoos

Rick Hubbard of Kazoobie Kazoos

Theirs is really an on-line business, and it’s cheap.  You can get your own kazoo band started (25 players) for about $15.00.

Turns out, there’s a great story behind Kazoobie Kazoos, in the person of Rick Hubbard, who makes a lot of appearances in the Southeast United States entertaining and engaging children in music.

While Rick himself has considerable talent as a musician, he makes music approachable for lots of kids.  No doubt, a few have been inspired to make music a large part of their lives.



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