A Joyful Noise: 294 Musicians Strong

If you weren’t there, I don’t know how to describe what it was like.

The Motor City Festival of Bands concluded Sunday with 294 musicians on the stage, under the direction of Leonard Slatkin.    Dozens of clarinets, six bassoons, at least a dozen percussionists, and more brass than I could identify.    When the first piece began during the finale, even pianissimo filled the Dearborn Performing Arts Center with an awesome sound.   And when they broke out into full fortissimo, there’s no wonder that Leonard Slatkin was left breathless and said, “It’s kinda scary up here.”

All five performing bands were excellent.   Along with many others in the capacity crowd< I was left wanting more when some of the bands had to trim their programs for time.

Not to mention – that every person on the stage was a midlife musician with a passion for music – and no one was getting paid.

Hats off to the Motor City Brass Band and the organizers of the festival.   I join them in wishes that this was only the “First Annual” Motor City Festival of Bands.

Next year, Ford Field?


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