Compiling A List Of Orchestras

Anne Midgette, who writes The Classical Beat blog at the Washington Post, has a posting today about the large number of orchestras in the Washington, D.C. area.   In her post, she writes:

“I’d submit that orchestras also offer a more participatory experience than, at least, opera; more people have had enough music lessons to make their way through some symphonic repertory than are able to sing “Don Giovanni” on stage.”

Indeed.  The full post is worth a read, and is inspiring to look at.


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One response to “Compiling A List Of Orchestras

  1. Joan Berndt

    I would like to urge all of your member organizations to contact the DSO Executive Board and urge them to negotiate a settlement to the strike as soon as possible. It is imperative that they not cancel the entire season as they have threatened to do, for that will mean the end of the DSO we know and love.

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