New Beginnings for Aspiring Musicians

Sunday morning.  Slept late.  Groggily pulling myself out of bed, when Chuck sticks a newspaper under my nose.

His picture.  Huge.  In the Farmington Observer and Eccentric. Playing his saxophone with the New Horizons Band.

Check story out online.  Story is there, but Chuck’s picture is not.   Apparently used in Farmington Hills edition of the paper only.  Scouring the neighborhood for more copies of the paper to send to relatives.

Meanwhile, the New Horizons group in Canton has announced a new band, just for beginning adults.  It will meet on Thursday evenings at the Evola Music store in Canton. The first eight-week session starts March 31st.   For more information, contact Lauren Erickson at  (734) 453-5791.

Is it time to give in to my secret desire to play the oboe?   Hmmm….


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