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Catching Up …

2011 has started in a rush, and it’s already a week into February!

Just back from the 2011 Sphinx Competition, which featured final performances from the Junior Division this year.   Congratulations to Alexandra Switala, who captured the first place price with a passionate, charismatic performance of Mozart’s Violin Concerto #5 in A Major.  Her animated performance stole the show from Annelle Gregory, whose more restrained classic performance was gorgeously rendered, but which left her in third place.   My row, however, was rooting for Xavier Foley, the young bassist who captured second place while bending in half over his instrument to play notes in positions never intended on the bass in his performance of the Dittersdorf Concerto in E Major.   Continue reading


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At Midlife, It’s Not a Competition …

There’s an important difference when you come back to music in midlife compared to when you were in school. The point now is to do it for fun.  At this point in our lives, it should not be a competition. Continue reading

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Pint-Sized Inspiration!

Had an opportunity this afternoon to attend the finals of the Sphinx Competition.   It’s my second year at the finals concert of this amazing program, which hopes to change the face — and expand the repertoire — of American orchestras by including more people of color and more music written by African American and Latino composers.   Continue reading

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