Another Reason for Stopping …

After my last post, someone I know read it and said, “I don’t play any more, because I’m afraid of annoying the neighbors.  I live in an apartment.”

My first thought was, “I’ve been there.  Know exactly what you mean.”

But then I thought, it’s a trap.   On the one hand, you really could be concerned about the ears of your neighbors.   And probably, it’s tied to some negative self talk about “I’m not very good.”    This is a vicious trap.

On the other hand — when you reach the point that playing music is something you do FOR YOURSELF — you’ll find a way to play.  It’s either “Neighbors be damned” or “I’ll find a place where I CAN play as loud and as long as I want” – like a park, a church, or some other public or semi-public space.

Of course, both go back to the central problem.  Once you’re out of the school system, it can be awful hard to find people to play WITH, or find the companionship or support that keeps music alive in our lives.

More soon.


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  1. Stuart Sutphin

    Of course, on the positive side, if you have children you should encourage them to be involved in music. Both of my children starte don piano. My daughter now plays trombone with a college band and my son is a trumpet section leader in high school even though he is only a junior, he plans to play in college. Along the way I picked up my old trombone when I was helping them to learn their music and was surprised at how much of my skill was still alive. I have had a lot of fun and hope to find some others to play with after my children have grown and moved along.

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