Concert Time!

The last several weeks have seen a large number of community music groups holding concerts.  I had a chance to watch the South Oakland Concert Band in concert on December 6th at Royal Oak High School, and was completely blown away by the Royal Oak Handbell Choir.  They were doing things and making sounds with those bells I’d never heard before.

On Friday, the 11th, the Orchard Lake Philharmonic Society’s Community Orchestra held its winter concert — the first concert in which I’ve had a role in longer than I care to say!

Here are some stream of consciousness thoughts from that day:

Nerves:   Does my stomach hurt because I’m nervous, or was that fish I had for lunch bad?

Practice:  30 minutes before the concert is not enough to fix all the issues in the J.C. Bach.   Why, oh why didn’t I practice more?

Clothing:   These palazzo pants are really billowy.   Hmm.  Probably should have hemmed them up an inch or so.  They’re picking up salt from the sidewalks.

A String:  Got the problem fixed with my violin that was causing the A string to unravel.   But it’s a new string.  Will it hold tune?

Tempo:   Is it my imagination, or are nerves affecting the conductor.  It seems like we’re playing everything faster than we practiced it.

Charm:  Doesn’t the harpsichord sound nice?   I have a seat right next to it.   Hope I don’t smash into it with my bow.

Relief:  Got through the J.C. Bach – and played nearly every 16th note.   Cool!

Wonder:  Who knew — after all the rocky rehearsals — that our little orchestra would sound so good?

Horror:  How could I have screwed up that entrance in the Grieg, not once, but TWICE?   It was always perfect in rehearsal!  Must have been that nerve-thing again.

Joy:  This has been so much fun!   Look at all my friends in the audience — they are all so happy and supportive.

The OLPS takes a month off, with rehearsals resuming in January.   Some of our orchestra members are snowbirds and won’t be around for the winter semester and spring concert.    If you have an instrument, we’re looking for players.   Check it out at

OLPS Community Orchestra

Orchard Lake Philharmonic Society Community Orchestra - December 11, 2009


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