Work and Music

There’s nothing that helps you change gears after a work day faster than playing some music.

If the day has been a tough one, music can console you.  If it’s been a good day, music can help you celebrate.  Sitting down at the keyboard for an hour or blowing a horn helps those built-up emotions and stresses get vented, and lets me face the rest of my life with more good cheer and calmness.

Playing jazz – with its emphasis on improvisation and self-expression – may be one of the best ways to “let it all hang out.”

So I was interested, this weekend, when Chuck passed along a tidbit from marketing guru Seth Godin.   In his blog, he talks about why he finds jazz more intriguing than bowling.   Since I’m not a big fan of bowling, this was not a hard question for me to answer — until Godin raised an interesting point.  Take a look. It’s a very short read.


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