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A Busy Day of Music

This past Saturday, October 16th, was a full-immersion music day, and boy, was it fun!

About two dozen musicians gathered at the home of Judy Moslak, one of the founders of the Orchard Lake Philharmonic Society.   Judy has just obtained a beautiful two-manual harpsichord, and it sounded wonderful as the group played a number of selections from Bach. Continue reading


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Musicians Wanted!

For many, it’s time to get back to the instruments for the fall rehearsal and concert season.  Here’s a couple of options if you are looking for a place where you can dust off your instruments: Continue reading

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Leonard Slatkin and the Met

Leonard Slatkin Headshot

Leonard Slatkin

For the past week, I’m hearing from a lot of people  about Leonard Slatkin “bombing out” at the Metropolitan Opera.  Slatkin withdrew from the Met after only one performance of La Traviata. According to his blog, it was a miserable experience from the start.

If you’ve missed this moment of high drama in the classical music world, here are a couple of places to get caught up. Continue reading

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A Leap of Faith

From time to time, Chuck and I do encounter interesting people.  What makes them special is that they have taken a leap of faith which has propelled their lives in new directions, often at midlife. Continue reading

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Practice? or Playing?

I was browsing through an (old) book about piano technique the other day.   The book, written by a virtuoso piano player in about 1902, pointed out that practice involves not just the body, but the brain, and that effective practice is a lot of work. Continue reading

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Why Did You Stop?

Talking with friends over the past few weeks about this blog and its goals, an interesting question has emerged.   Why did you stop?   Why did music fall out of your life for so long?

There are no easy answers – and everyone’s story is different.   But in conversations, we’ve come up with a few possible answers. Continue reading

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